The “Plasmonic Kaleidoscope” is an immersive installation that exhibits the relativity of structural color and reflects the results of groundbreaking research in nanotechnology. In our arts-sci research, we demonstrate that the appearance of the color of an optimized nanosurface (nanotendon) changes depending on variations in the angle and polarization of incident light. The sculpture is an interactive object that allows the general public to experience the relativity of color experienced at the research laboratory. The digital design was fabricated in our Purdue lab and installed permanently on campus. This project was developed in collaboration with Visiting undergraduate scholars from Colombia and working under my mentorship at Purdue University.
A project by Esteban Garcia Bravo 
Fabricators: Esteban Garcia Bravo and Maria Clara Morales
Architect and 3D Design: Maria Clara Morales
Date: February 2021 - December 2021
Media:Acrylic mirror, Polycarbonate, Video projector, MDF
Location: Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette
Cost/Budget: $11,200 Dimensions: (w)10’ x (d)10’ x (h) 8’
Commissioning Organizations: US Department of State and Birck Nanotechnology Center
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