Bodygraphe is an interactive, visual music application that unifies gestural computing with live performance art. Dancers become instruments and conductors that wholly generate graphics and sounds that correspond with their movements in real-time. This video is the result of a process in computational aesthetics that explores the relationship between the body and form. Most specifically, we were inspired by visual art avant-gardes that prioritized expressive geometry, such as the Neo-concrete movement of the 1950s. Through this project, we seek to make an aesthetic statement while also offering new implications for research regarding the interconnectivity between the body and technology. 
Video dance performance, 2015-2017 • Featured in SIGGRAPH Asia 2016, Macau
Tim McGraw: Lead Programmer
Amberly Simpson: Choreographer
Aaron Zernack: Sound Design
Esteban Garcia Bravo: Art Direction
Alejandro Guayaquil: Programmer
Research Assistant: Izza Tariq
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