Ensemble, as the name implies, is a collaboration between fine art and orchestral performance.  Visual artist Esteban Garcia Bravo collaborated with Allentown Symphony Orchestra Composer in Residence Chris Rogerson to create an original work of art that fuses sculpture, light art, and an original musical composition entitled Arietta, debuting together in Allentown’s Arts Walk. The sculpture is animated with a sequence of colorful light modules that change color, intensity, and rhythm to respond to Chris Rogerson’s Arietta.  Together the music and light merge in a synesthetic composition of visual and auditory elements, a true ensemble. This project was made possible by the City of Allentown and the Allentown Arts Commission
A project by Esteban Garcia Bravo 
Collaboration with the Music Composer Chris Rogerson
Fabricator: Fast Signs
Circuit Design: Billy Boyd
Date: January 2022 - November 2022
Media: Channel Lettering (aluminum, Acrylic, and LEDs), User interface, Speakers.
Location: Arts Alley, Allentown Pennsylvania
Cost/Budget: $22,500
Commissioning Organization: City of Allentown
Project Manager: Julia Guerrero, Materials Conservation
Dimensions: (w)26’ x (h) 10.7’ x (d) 5” 
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