A project by Carlson Garcia (Esteban Garcia Bravo, Max Carlson and Aaron Zernack)
Programming: Izza Tariq
Looking within, I discover the universe

Media: Wood, mirror, and smartphones

This project explores how raw forms are manifested into material objects through alchemy and elemental forces. Tattwa visioning, a tradition of esoteric cosmology, employs shapes of simple design and color which assist in concentration, allowing one to achieve a higher state of consciousness.
Our practice with the Tattwa visioning inspired us to create a hybrid techno-shamanic device that encourages a spiritual experience through digital sculpture. This hollow tool displays and reflects geometric projections from within. By peering inside, the viewer can experience an infinite reflection of patterns. This experience is intensified when one syncs their breath to the elemental shapes and colors and sounds.

The geometric primitives used in the Tattwa system are:

Apas: Water- Silver - crescent     
Tejas: Fire- Red - triangle     
Prithivi: Earth- Yellow - square
Vayu: Air- Blue - circle