A project by Carlson Garcia (Esteban Garcia Bravo, Max Carlson and Aaron Zernack)
Programming: Jorge Garcia Galicia

Date: 2016-2018
Media: Video projectors, Media player, Speakers, Aluminum, and Cardboard
Location: Tippecanoe Amphitheater (IN), Baltimore (MD), Santa Fé (NM)
Dimensions: (w)11’ x (d)11’ x (h)13’

Taking the shape of a glowing, mineral crystal, Geode is a 12-feet-tall video mapped sculpture that fuses soundscape, public art, and visual projection into one immersive experience. Each surface of the crystal flows and ebbs with improvisational geometry that responds to real-time audio synthesis. The sound is generated through modular audio synthesis (CV/ Gate) and is visualized through networked video projections. These projections are made by transforming analog signals into digital data in real-time, thus creating the sculpture’s metamorphosis between various sound-driven, geometric patterns. The sound data directly affects the intensity of the experience through a Bluetooth interface. The piece overall gives an ambiance of otherworldly beauty and invites viewers from a distance to approach the glowing formation in an open landscape. It has been a very popular scene in public audiovisual performances in the past. The project departs from a neo-concrete inspiration, exploring the aesthetic potential of emotive geometry, and utilizing non-orthogonal shapes and mathematical models based on points and infinite planes. Geode takes neo-concrete art to a new dimension by integrating digital geometry in response to audio synthesis.

Technical rider
Geode software for videomapping