A project by Carlson Garcia (Esteban Garcia Bravo, Max Carlson and Aaron Zernack)
GLEAM 2018: Art in a New Light
Light Installation at Olbrich Botanical Gardens
Date: August - October 2018
Media: Video projectors, Speakers, Acrylic Mirror, Wood, Mylar, Stainless Steel
Location: Bolz Conservatory - Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI
Dimensions: Object:(w) 6’ x (d)6’ x (h)10’
Commissioning Organization: Olbrich Botanical Society
Programming: Izza Tariq
Welder: Luke Gumaelius

Our work explores the interaction of software and light. "Constellations" uses video-mapped mirrors to encourage awareness of the immediate environment and the physical and mystical experiences which may arise from the combination of shapes, light, and time.