Activity Apparatus
An Installation of Sight + Sound
Co-Presented with Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux)
A project by Carlson Garcia (Esteban Garcia Bravo, Max Carlson and Aaron Zernack)
Programming: Alex Whaley

March 30th - April 30, 2019

Circuit des Yeux, Haley Fohr, and Drag City Records teamed up to create a unique, fully immersive, sensory-active space in April of 2019 at the prestigious Soccer Club Club gallery in Chicago’s Belmont-Cragin District. “Activity Apparatus” features paintings and visual works by Judith Lindbloom, Bill Nace, Meghan Remy, & Emily Winter, video works by Nick Ciontea & Kim Alpert, an audio-interactive Light Geode by CarlsonGarcia, all accompanied by an 8-hour composition specially written by Haley Fohr.

The geometric primitives that were used for this video-mapped projection are derived from Chaldni's figures, which were the earliest visualizations of sound in our modern world. For this display, Haley Fohr's composition and performance are the catalysts for the activation of the shapes of sound.

You can see the full performance here