Digital Imaging

This site is a repository of some of my lectures and demos on Computer Graphics and digital imaging. They are not supposed to be followed in any particular way. I hope it is useful to you!    


A quick demo showing the pen tool, bezier curves, vertices and line attributes in Illustrator


Color Systems

Color theory as applied to computer graphics


Coloring Pixels from Line Art

Setup a vector file for coloring on a raster-based program


Value and the Perception of Light

Visual cues, value scales and types of shading


Coloring using digital masks

Use values, tints and shades to pick colors. Masking areas and choosing brushes


Exporting art for printing

Preparing your photoshop file for compatible submissions and global printing


Photomontage: Face Swap

Masks, Polygonal lasso, histograms, color balance


Thumbnail Design

Designing the arrangement (composition)of elements previous to production


Composite Shapes (Illustrator)

Add complexity to your shapes by combining them


Cloned Texture (Photoshop)

Use the clone stamp to create seamless patterns and textures. Map them to existing geometry or surfaces.


Make a Photonovel

Composing a visual narrative. Use typography tools and shapes to add text baloons.



Reflect on the use of typography and learn how to use it for digital design


Keyframes in Flash

This demo will show you how to bring a vector design (.SVG or .AI) to animate it in Flash


Drawing frames

How to create a frame-by-frame animation in Flash


Frame by frame animation

Making a digital animation frame by frame. Prepare your artwork in photoshop. Optimize process using the "Actions" panel. Compose your animation in Premiere



Making 2D animations using keyframes. Prepare digital file for keyframed animation



Using a digital video and tracing it frame-by-frame in photoshop


Animated Credits

Review of keyframes. This time applied to animated title screens

Tutorials by Students


Photo Basics

Masking techniques and color balancing.
By Madison Holliday, Brittany Flamik and Jhon Bradin.


Enhancing Photos

Blending, Cloning, Liquefy, patching and other effects to enhance photos. By Caleb Honneger, Andrew Anastos and Ricky Medina


Photo Composition

Principles of design for photo composition. By Wave Upatising and Yerim Kim


Dithering Pixels

Dithering effect to create vintage-style pixel art. By Zach Barnett.